Saturday, July 6, 2013

Suns out!

I said I wouldn't put up another picture of a Reed Warbler up but I lied. Here's one more....

I got the shot I wanted finally! This time I didn't spend hours looking at reeds to no avail. I was walking along the eastern end of the Great Pool when I heard the unmistakable calls of at least two Reed Warblers and decided to stop and see if I could spot one. I got quite a surprise when I discovered that there were approximately six of them! I'm not too sure but recently when walking down in that area I realised that there have been two present for some time. Maybe the extra ones are fledglings?

Referring back to one of my previous posts and mentioning fledglings it has come to light that the two Peregrine Falcons on Puffin Island have in fact had chicks!

Today I took what seems to be becoming my usual wander along the south of the Island and up along the Great Pool. As well as this Coot feasting away on the abundant greenery lurking under the surface I saw its offspring which must be a good contender the ugliest chick award.

There are still lots of young around on the island with some birds on their second brood of the year. The below picture had me a little confused until I realised it was a juvenile moorhen. A Rather annoying blade of grass....

Moorhens are more than common all over the country as well as abundant on Tresco. I saw this guy twice and both times were by the tennis courts close to the Estate Office. I love how enormous their feet are.

I met another visitor on the beach too yesterday. Now that they have done their impressing the ladies the male Ring Necked Pheasants are looking a little scrawny but not as bad as the Golden Pheasants as you can see in the previous post. This guy was going for a run in the sand.

It was rather a fruitless walk along the Carn Near end of the Island with quite a few species still not present. Maybe its better to stagger the arrivals to keep me occupied...?

We have however been inundated with hundreds of Racing Pigeons. Every year they use the entire Scillies as a pitstop during one of their lengthy races. These guys can fly up to 60 miles per hour but obviously need to stop and regain their strength before continuing on. Some of them end up staying for quite some time. Last year I decided to befriend one who was with us for over three months. He lived in the house and roamed freely inside and in our garden. I named him Percy, we bonded......then he left.

About ten feet along the same fence I took this picture was a Blackbird with a feast stuffed in his beak.

I count two earthworms, a grub and something silver and shiny.

There are Wrens galore on Tresco, finding them is a little challenge as they are one of the smallest birds in the UK. They weigh approximately 8 grams and amaze me that inside the tiny dumpy body are some very powerful lungs. They have a very distinctive and loud call.

After so many pictures of birds here is a token picture of a female Meadow Brown I saw just outside the Abbey.

And although slightly out of focus here is the only shot I got with her wings apart.

Well with the oncoming 'heatwave' lets hope there are more chances to get out and about soon.


  1. That's a great picture of the Reed Warbler and you are right that Coot chick is not a looker! Ok Max....the dinosaur...explain how that got into your collection?

    1. He is my namesake Max the dinosaur. Very occasionally he comes out on walks with me. He was rather excited going rock climbing that day.......

      And thank you! I am quite pleased with myself for the Reed Warbler shot!