Tuesday, July 16, 2013

I think I've forgotten what rain feels like. I'm certainly not complaining though. With the temperatures going up and the sun pinking up our shoulders and noses it is a great time to be on Scilly. As well as the influx of tourists now is also prime time for butterflies, dragon and damselflies and of course our avian Summer visitors.
It has been a little while since my last post and to be honest it has been a rather frustrating time for me and picture taking. Although there has been a multitude of things to write about I haven't really felt my pictures were up to scratch. There have been out of focus blades of grass in shot, birds too far away, conditions being too dark.... it goes on, I suppose this happens to everyone at some point. I even got up this morning at half four determined to get some sunrise shots only to find a lovely line of cloud across the horizon....
Anyway moan over, here is what I have decided is worth sharing.
The Peregrines I mentioned nesting on Puffin Island have decided Tresco is now their island of choice. It is almost impossible to go outside without hearing them hawking above. There are currently three ( male, female and juvenile) and they seem to favour the area around the monument and the Abbey Gardens although I have seen them towards New Grimsby. It is great to see a new species decide to take up residence on the Island.
Now is the time of year when we can expect to start seeing Little Egrets, Greenshanks (above) Redshanks, Wagtails and many other birds as they pass through on route to their wintering grounds. This Greenshank is most likely slowly on their way to Africa in the pursuit of the warmer climates in Winter.

I went for a quick wander down to the Abbey Gardens in search of Dragonflies at the ponds along the Middle Terrace. All was fairly quiet but I did see what I think is an Irish Damselfly or Crescent Bluet and this Brown Hawker.
Staying on the small flying critter theme there are quite a few Six Spotted Burnets on the heathland across the entirety of the Scillies. You can spot them a mile away with the brightness of their spots. I think it is to try and appear to not be the tastiest of morsels for predators.
We are also swamped with jellyfish at the moment with a vast number of Bluefire jellyfish that can give you a nasty little sting.
While traipsing around the pines down towards Appletree beach I bumped into our newest resident. Red Squirrels are slowly being introduced to Tresco with a very small number now roaming around just on the other side of the Garden Visitor Centre. I normally try to provide some little bit of useless information about the animals I put on my blog but to be honest everyone knows the story about them being outdone by the Grey Squirrel all I know is that their little ear tufts are awesome.
Lets just hope this weather continues and I can get my picture taking back up to scratch. Enjoy the Sunshine!
Oh and I never really saw the point in mentioning them before but we have gulls here too.....
...lots of them.

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  1. Love the peregrine shot, enlarged you can really see those killer feet! How lovely to have all these arrivals to look forward to (and I don't mean the tourists). I think the gulls often make great subjects as they are very neat and tidy with wonderful wings and feet, but then I am rather a fan of them.