Tuesday, July 2, 2013


I feel like I'm scraping the barrel a little this week as we have had an awful week weather wise. If we haven't been surrounded in a thick veil of fog then we have been hiding away from rain. It has all been rather depressing. Some (or most) of the following photos appear quite flat due to the lack of sun and my inability to compensate for it. Anyway, we have been a host to a couple of new arrivals this week with me finally seeing the Ruddy Shelduck that has been roaming the Scillies for what seems to be quite a while.

Normally these ducks live in South East Europe and Asia and rarely end up on our shores. He has been seem across the islands for some months now and, due to the fact that he seems very tame at times some people believe he has escaped from captivity somewhere and is used to human presence. I however was not so fortunate, a brief encounter on the Great Pool before he took to flight with two 'regular' Shelducks off towards St Marys.
Presumed to be from France these two Greylag Geese joined us for a few days on the Abbey Pool and tried to hang out with our local Canada Goose population. Although they have not been seen for a few days there's always a chance you may see them over here.
The heliport now seems to have been turned into 'Nirvana' for Canada Geese. The four residents have now turned into twelve. You can nearly always see them either standing proud on the old landing area or on the Abbey Pool.
Below is the cygnet I featured a few weeks ago now. Feasting away on the very abundant weed and having two very protective parents seems to be a winning formula.
The problem with fog is that it kind of kills any kind of picture taking to me. When everything is grey and flat I myself do not really feel like venturing out so much. Fingers crossed this high pressure the weather forecasters are all raving about comes to fruition.....
One of the trillion or so rabbits on Tresco......
...and a feeding fly.
Pretty weak post this, lets hope I can make up for it soon!

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  1. Oh dear, you will hate me for saying this but we have had great weather over the last week. Yesterday was a break from the heat and sunshine with some clouds and rain. I love the cygnet with its parents either side. Rabbits-we must have them but they are never seen on Berry Head, very strange. Hope your weather improves.