Monday, April 22, 2013

My Humble Introduction

So I haven't quite figured out exactly what the purpose of the Web Log exactly is but I thought I'd try and see if anyone out there is interested in what I do in my spare time I suppose.

My name is Max and I have been living quite happily on Tresco,  Isles of Scilly for the last seven years. I have always been quite interested in nature in general and enjoy knowing what I am looking at when out wandering. A little while ago I bought myself a Canon camera and decided to try and photograph the things over here that have kept me interested over here for the last seven years and still continue to do so.

Tresco is approximately two miles by one and has a plethora of different micro environments from the heathland on the North End to the dunes and beaches down south. I am lucky enough to live a stones throw away from the two lakes on the island and often can be seen meandering almost aimlessly around seeing what I can find. I have to confess that since being over here I have developed an interest in the bird life that these islands have to offer and feel that this subject will dominate what I will post. However things such as plant life, the sky and almost anything I find interesting will probably make an appearance.

I suppose I'd like to create a site that both regulars and newcomers to Tresco can feel they can look at anytime they have a desire to see what is happening here in the natural world and possibly learn something too. I must state that I am an amateur at the photography and my knowledge is far more inferior than many people out there both resident on Scilly and beyond. However I may bestow upon you a little information that may make visiting here a little more pleasurable.

I don't think there will be any particular order to this site and any feed back is more than welcome.

Finally I suppose I should also state that this website is in no way affiliated with Tresco Estate and all of the opinions and information come from my tiny little mind alone.


  1. Hi Max.
    Looking forward to following your blog (found you via a comment on Adam White's FB page) and love your pictures of the wildlife on Tresco.
    Any chance of adding a 'subscribe by email' gadget so I get your posts to my inbox. I set one up using Feedburner on my blog - which is a blogger blog too
    Happy posting!

  2. Oh and thank you for taking an interest!!