Monday, April 22, 2013

So after the introduction I would have thought that some kind of start should be made. I shall be honest and inform you that one of the subjects I shall post is purely due to the fact that I am quite proud that I got the photos of one subject  and the other is due to the fact that if I want people to read my blog I have to put in something that everyone likes.....
We have had what has been reported to be up to nine Short Eared Owls on the island for the duration of the winter. They can be seen down by the woodpile towards the Carn Near end of the island and are most active at dusk. I heard about these guys quite some time ago and spent a ridiculous amount of time down there during wind, rain and shine trying to see them. Over the weeks I kept hearing reports of people seeing them however when I decided to try and find them they never showed. Then for about one week I seemed to hit the jackpot with up to seven appearing for me almost on arrival daily.
Once they have left their roost they spread across the heathy part of the island towards Pentle Bay and the two lakes often perching in the trees and shrubs. Towards sunset the light cast across from the west can really make for potentially very  good photographs if you have the skills and a keen eye.
I have to mention that their soundless flight makes them seem a little magic!
And now for what I hope is the crowd pleaser. Ducklings!
It's that time of year when it is worth checking the reeds around the two lakes for the high pitched squeaks of the fluffy little guys. I actually took this picture at the duck pond on St Marys yesterday but I have seen others just by the bird hide closest to the shop and Island office. There were eleven at first but unfortunately I'm quite sure a few of them became snacks for the black backed gulls that also frequent the area. It is well worth checking anywhere on either pool for them following mum across the water going from one place to the other to feed or hide. These guys feed themselves from the day they are born.
Mum-A female Mallard
And one more just because they are awesome...

Sometimes it's worth getting up really, really early. Sunrise from Old Grimsby across towards Blockhouse Castle.

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