Saturday, May 10, 2014

So I've moved. I'm now about fifty miles away from where I was and some things are different and some are the same. I'm still Quite Tall and I still have legs that should never wear shorts but very occasionally do. I'm still enjoying being outside and taking pictures too. However I'm living in Cornwall now.

For various reasons, namely missing family and friends I have returned back to my home area and reside in Penwith, the most westerly part of Cornwall, excluding my previous haunt that is. I feel like I've moved from one beautiful part of the world to another. In the last few months I have been reacquainting myself with some of the old walks I used to be dragged around by my parents as a still fairly tall child and discovering a few new places and experiences too.

I have been snapping away at beautiful scenes, destructive storms, birds (surprisingly!), the odd gravestone and a manner of other things that have caught my eye but didn't really feel like I had a purpose or outlet for them. Time to reincarnate Quite Tall Max.
I am then faced with the task of trying to find a reason to write and snap and what would be the purpose. I then decided that I should maybe try to show you why I chose to come back here and why after trying quite a few times to relocate, I always come back. It would also be good to illustrate why when staring at a vista or landscape with someone 'not from round here' I have to bite my lip and hold back uttering 'it's not a good as in Cornwall'....

So that's what I'll do. The things I like down here shall be the things I photograph. If I manage to photograph them to a tolerable standard then they shall appear here and I shall try to explain why I like them. Simple.

Cornwall is an astonishing place with a little more depth than cream teas and a funny accent and I do hope to illustrate that fact. I'd like to maybe show some people what is on their doorstep and others why it's worth a visit and maybe even persuade a few people to go and have their own mini adventures.
If this doesn't appeal then I think the results of the Eurovision are on at the moment. You could watch that instead I suppose.....
Wave Watching at Nanquidno
The view from the Minack
Common Buzzard
'Nick' The Dolphin chasing a cormorant
Sunset off Lands End


  1. Hello Max. It's good to hear from you as I did wonder what had happened on Tresco...and I was selfishly looking forward to lots of images of those red squirrels!
    Anyway, I hope you are feeling settled again and back where you belong. You certainly do live in a brilliant part of the world and I shall once again enjoy your images...a great start with that buzzard and the dolphin.

  2. Thank you! I have a feeling I'll hop on the boat over to Tresco at some point and hopefully the squirrels will co-operate. Until then I'll just have to see what else I can find...

  3. How lovely to see you back blogging, Max. I share your love of Penwith and visit as often as possible; my family rented a holiday cottage down there last summer (in Lower Boscaswell) and we were so thrilled with the breathtaking views as we rambled around the area.