Monday, September 16, 2013


Gotcha! I'm quite liking the trend here. I seem to find that if I vent my frustration here on this blog then the subject or evasive bird seems to make an appearance in time for my next entry. Although on one of the darkest and dreariest days we have had in some time this Kingfisher decided to drop by for less than ten seconds and then disappear as quickly as he appeared. This time I got the focus right! The next challenge is to see one on a bright day.
For this instalment I think its a matter of some pictures of the usual suspects and a few migrants that can be seem across the Island. Due to the fact that the Summer seems to have departed completely many of my pictures were taken in fairly dull weather. There are however reasons to venture outdoors and see what has decided to drop by...
This is a Whinchat, although there are a few that reside in the UK it is likely that this female has decided to stop off on Tresco and feed on our insects before making her way to Africa for warmer days.

More birds on wires, and two firsts for me. The top picture is a Pied Flycatcher and the bottom, a Spotted Flycatcher. They do exactly what their name implies. Perching somewhere fairly out in the open you often find their flitting flight involves some quite acrobatic skills as they pluck their dinner out of the air. I think the Pied ones win on appearances but although both could be considered a little on the dull side their grace in the air makes up for it.
And now some pictures of the usual suspects. It was rather entertaining watching the swan behind chasing the other, I don't know whether it was for fun or part of some elaborate ritual but seconds after I took this picture the chaser decided use it's bill to latch onto the poor victims tail just as he managed to get airborne. A majestic faceplant ensued.
Although often painfully high up in the sky our resident Buzzards are still with us. There were hopes of them breeding this year it seems they have decided not to and stick with terrorizing our rabbits and other prey too. You can quite often see feathers strewn along the pathways and sometimes other more macabre signs of previous dinners.
We are also playing host to Turnstones. For once I can say that they are not migrating down to Africa for the winter but actually choose to spend the dark months here with us instead. The majority of visitors we have are here from Greenland and Canada. Sometimes their camouflage is so good among the seaweed that the only giveaway to their presence is their bright orange legs.
You don't have to come to the Scillies to see Starlings, they are one of the most numerous birds in the UK. But sometimes it's worth just taking a second to see how stunning their plumage actually is.
And finally some Goldfinches playing in the reeds. I don't know what it is but I really like this photo.



  1. Fantastic! Great shot of the KF- well done indeed :-)

  2. I love the swans and the goldfinch picture. Happy you finally got the Kingfisher. See you next week

  3. Great images Max, delighted you got the Kingfisher too. I do love little Turnstones, we have them here in Brixham.