Wednesday, June 12, 2013

After the last few weeks I'd forgotten that the weather can be pretty terrible here. It's currently very grey and very drizzly. Not really rambling weather. I did however manage to get out on Tuesday to have one last wander in the sun. I think I  pretty much went everywhere.....

This will be the last picture of a Reed Warbler I shall put up and then i'll drop it! Although I am still after a picture where the view is not obstructed, this will do for now. They are still present and very vocal around both pools at the moment.
This drake Wigeon is a new arrival on the Great Pool and has been with us for a few days now. It is the first one I have seen here and frustratingly seems to enjoy feeding just out of reach of my camera's zoom hence the picture being a bit patchy.

All across the island the butterflies are enjoying the sudden bloom of flowers. Above is a picture of a male (top) and female Common Blue butterflies. They don't open their wings very often when not flying as it gives their presence away so I was quite happy to get a picture of each.
My ongoing challenge to get some decent pictures of our two resident buzzards got a small step closer to what I would be happy with. They are nearly always out circling over the centre of the island in the early evening and 99% of the time hundreds of feet up and nothing but a dot in my viewfinder.  I did manage to get these two shots before they both ascended to their usual great heights. If it wasn't for the bloody tree I would have been perfectly happy with this next shot.
I have been trying to see if this pair have bred this year but am yet to see any signs.
Just as I was about to call it a day I heard the familiar struggle of a swan trying to get airborne. I turned around to see this guy heading straight towards me. This shot was taken with my lens at 70mm and I only just managed to get the bird in the frame, he was scarily close! He is of course on of our resident Mute Swans.
 I stumbled across a flock of Linnets and Greenfinches feasting in the shrubbery alongside the Abbey pool.
Finally, I was kind of lucky while photographing this sparrow. It had a little shake and my picture captured him mid tremble and looking rather funny.
Fingers crossed the sun comes back out soon!


  1. Nice photos Max i have never seen a Linnet in Tredavoe

  2. I didn't realise you were 'Julie from Tredavoe'! Nor have I come to think of it. Maybe the overgrown fields towards the woods? That would be my first thought.....

  3. Great picture of the swan, you did well to keep your head and just get it in. Just one of those lucky moments. I look forward to more pictures of the Wigeon later.